Breed Advisors
Interested in a particular breed and feel you'd like to know more?  The breeders listed below have kindly offered to share there knowledge and will welcome  your enquiries.....

Hello, I run the kitten and rehome list for the South Western Counties Cat
Club and the Asian Cat Association.  If you require information on a
specific breed or can offer a loving home to a pedigree rescue please
contact me for a chat.  Claire Lovell 01392 833341 or E-mail me at

Gail Miller (Morninglory Persians) will help with questions on the Persian breed. Contact Gail at

If you have any question about the Asian group of cats - Burmillas, Asian Smokes,  Asian Selfs,
Asian Tabbies and Tiffanies. Naomi Johnson may be able to help.
She may also be able to help with Burmese questions.

For information on Norwegian Forest Cats, Mary-Rose Douglas may be able to help, she is also on the committee of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club.

I will willingly give information on the Abyssinian if there are any
Isobel Hansell

My friend Rosie and myself have been cat breeders for a number of years during which time we have both learnt alot about cats in general and about our own particular breeds.
Rosie breeds Somali's and I breed Siamese and Orientals.
We are both willing to help anyone with problems or in need of advice if we can.
Our knowledge is nearly all based on experience and talking to other breeders.
We also have friends who breed Rex, Burmese and Tonkinese.
We both remember how difficult it was be to find someone who understands our breeds when we first started out.

Marilynn Osman  Rosie Lowen


I am a Regional Advisor for the  Asian Group Cat Society. My area covers South Wales, South Midlands and all points South/South West. I am willing to help anyone with queries on Asians.

Deborah Laugher
Lohr Asians & Burmese
Asians in all colours - trying to specialise in ticked Tabbies.

Phone/fax: +44 (0)1905 350451

If anybody in the Hertfordshire area needs any advice regarding their
Siamese cats they can always contact us, we have been breeding kittens for
20 years, firstly Burmese, then Devon Rex and now Siamese, so we are fairly
knowledgeable, regarding kitten and cat problems!!  Also if they are
desperate to re-home for any reason, we would always be willing to help or

Many thanks
David & Jean Maish

Tel. 01923 230609

Maharani Asians & Burmese
Friendly help/information always available.

Ms. K Wilson
Te.0161 861 7928

I would like to offer help in your Breeder Advisors page as I could offer advice to anyone intrested
in the new colours of siamese and orientals which are Cinnamon Fawn Apricot
and Caramel as I am actively involved in breeding these new colours.
I can offer advice on Breeding and Genetics.

Anna Saltelli
Siamese & Orientals

I run the Ocicats in the UK website for the Ocicat
Club and am the main e-mail contact for Ocicats in this country (although the
Chairman and Secretary now have e-mail access - I'm encouraging them to use it a
bit more :)
If you would like an Ocicat advisor listed, I would be happy to be included.
All enquiries I receive are copied to the Secretary and Chairman.
I am also able to advise on US, mainland Europe and Scandinavian contacts.
Congratulations on a comprehensive site.
Dottyspots Ocicats, UK (dotty about spots)

Cat Breeder,
I can help in forwarding contacts for anyone interested in Korats anywhere
in the world. If anyone has questions about Korats, I can help them find a
breeder close to them who might be able to help - or I can forward their
question to koratworld list.

As I do little breeding I may be able to help other breeders with less
time/experiance to hand rear kittens. Also I am available to give
support/advice, esp to novice breeders, and novices should never
think a question is too silly.
If  anyone needs urgent advice please phone 01226 713992. I do not mind
being woken up!!!

Hello, I have been showing and breeding British Cats for about 10 years and
would be glad to help people looking for a kitten.  I am a member of various
clubs including Breed Clubs, so if I don't breed what you are looking for I
can help put you in touch with genuine other breeders.
Please visit my web site or
email me on

Sue Lorton-Hobbs

I would like to offer help to anyone who is interested in
breeding Chocolate series Persians, genetics, breed programs,
the right colour combinations etc.
Please contact Tracy Mayo

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